Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jesus is alive!

Grab hold of Jesus! He's alive in you and me! He's alive for all to see! He's alive! Hold on to Jesus! For He died for you and me , but He's alive to set us free! And we are free ! So let us dance with the freedom He has given us ! Let us sing the praises of our King! Let us tell of the wonders he has done for us ! For He's alive and has set us free!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Presence past

So far gone, I can't even reach out
Oh, to touch You, to feel You, to know You!
If I go where You have gone,
Follow where Your foot has trod-
To be in Your presence past!
Even in this will I not know you at last?
For where You have been there's still a glimpse left,
An aroma of hope lingers at best.
And though a glimpse is all I am looking for,
I want all of you and MORE1

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Am Yours

i can't say that i know You
but i wanna get to
draw me, draw me,
draw me close to You
cuz there comes a time
in all of our lives,
where we must make a choice
of who we are
and where to stand
what we believe in
I believe in You,
I believe in You

Monday, August 15, 2011

Angelical Hands

I am surrounded by an angelic force 
that is really battling  for my lost soul 
myriads of angels reaching out for me 
trying to pull me back into Love Divine 
but i am distracted by the things of time 
the spirited  beguile age pulls at me 
I don't understand the power of it all 
As i look back at the pure angelic hands
desperately reaching out for me, i'm allured 
into a world full of unreality 
oh to break free! To grasp the angelic hands 
to be pulled into His joyous Love once more 
to feel the peacefulness of his great presence
Yet, I'm pulled on, ...deeper... deeper...deeper ..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You Belong

I grasp for hope, it slips away
I dont Know that I can do this one more day
Where is the God that once ransomed me
Where is the God who set my spirit free

Where are you tonight while I cry
It seems there's no one standing by my side
Where where You when the world was
Crashing down around me. Where are you now

My child you know I'm always here
To lift you up when you have fallen down
I died on the cross to set you free
I payed the price to show you You belong to me

And I held every tear you cried
I'll always be standing by your side
I was with you when the world was
crashing down arround you I'm with you now

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Breath of Life

I'm breathing in, I'm breathing out
The Breath of  Life;  how could i doubt
The Prince of Piece, the Great I Am,
Almighty God, the Holly Lamb...

And i Praise you Lord,
And I worship you my king...

And nothing can stop me
From saying forever
Forever and ever
And ever and ever
Beloved, Redeemer
Savior, Messiah
I am Yours! I am Yours!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fallen Bride

The lord weaps bitterly.
His heart has been broken,
His bride has Fallen.
He watches as she flirts with temptation and sin,
Bowing low to the spirit of deception
And drinking deep of the pulls
of lustful desire.
She dances with the idols built around her,
Praising and Worshiping foreign and worldly gods.
Why hast though turned your face from mine?
What other lover has cought thine eye?
Come back to your first love my bride
Out of the deserts of Egypt I brought you.
I placed you upon lush, rich grounds,
Where there is abundance and life forever!
How is it you have become corrupt
And degenerated, like a wild thorn?
Your children run wild and their hearts have
Turned against not only yours but also mine.
Because you, my bride, have fallen!
A wise husband does not return to his wife
When she leaves him for another man.
Nor will I, For you can not serve two masters
Or be a lover of two gods.
End your marriages of lustful desire!
Return to your God, your first Love!
Come and drink of the waters of abundance,
Bathe in the pools of purity,
And feast on the eternity of His life!